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Welcome to the Chocolate Revolution

LIPS© Chocolate:
The World's First Interactive Chocolate for Sharing!


Looking for an unforgettable, new Valentine's Day romantic nightlife experience?

Our LIPS© Chocolate Revolution, the first LIPS© Exhibition in the Americas, will be held at the Faena Art Forum in Miami, Florida this Valentine's Day!

This exhibition includes LIPS
© Chocolate interactive exhibition, over 20 featured artists and art auction/fundraiser, music and dance, and more. 

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Cacao = Connection


LIPS© Chocolates is here to bring the love, connection, and community back to how we see chocolate.  Today, the cultural heritage and communal uses of cacao is not forgotten, despite its largely commercialized production.  LIPS© brings the love and intention of cacao to the world in the first ever "Interactive Chocolate" product which is designed to share.  Additionally, portions of all revenue for LIPS© Chocolates will go back to the native lands in which our cacao is grown, to preserve the cultural heritage and conscious cultivation of this great medicine. 

To many, chocolate and cacao are seen as everyday candies and treats.  In cacao's true origins throughout Mesoamerican cultures, it has been deemed as a sacred seed, used with the highest respect, and is a nutrient dense Superfood.  Ancient cultures believed that cacao was a gift from the heavens, and their descendants still use it in ceremonies today as they have for millennia.  It has long been used as medicine also, incorporating the cacao with medicinal herbs and spices.  

Love For All

Promoting Love in Every Form, Shape, & Color

LIPS© Chocolate is designed to be used to increase connectivity, intimacy, and love in all ways, romantic or platonic.  Whether it is used between lovers who have either been together for decades or just beginning kindle their flame, family and friends connecting and sharing on a deeper level, LIPS© is there to facilitate that moment.  We promote love between all genders, colors. religions, and sexual orientations.  Love shared through the magic of chocolate is not meant to be crammed into a single day, like Valentine's Day, but is meant to be shared each and every day of the year.  Treat yourself, for Love is Eternal! 

“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” 

- Linda Grayson -

The Beans


Cacao is not a "one size fits all" type of crop, and comes in many different types within the cacao genome.  These variations can differ between taste, nutrient density, and quality of product.  Another key variation is whether the cacao is sources respectfully and ecologically or not.  LIPS© Chocolate uses cacao only from the purest of  sources, and is working to form alliances to preserve this respect and sensitivity to the farmers and the land it is flowered from.  


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