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The First Interactive Chocolate 

An Universal Connector

BE the ReLOVEution

Our mission is to inspire and unite. Through this unique piece of our sweet creation we deliver a dream. There is zero limit to how good you can feel. Choose the one that makes you satisfy the sweet cravings of your soul, get close, bite on together.  Share the spark of joy, hold on to the feeling, dream the life of freedom. We are born to create, to enjoy, to explore. Fall in love with the taste. Fall in love with ideas. Make this kiss be like no other.

Our vision is limitless. We create together- the life of color, laughter, discoveries, indulgence in...happiness. Choose to wake up, live and love purposefully.  Find someone to share meaningfully. Fill your heart with joy. Make it overflow and spread around. Surprise yourself, make each day count. Rush to find new creative ways of sharing. Expect the impossible. Count on miracles. Go ahead- LIPS and kiss








Anna Ishchenko 

LIPS© Managing Member & Vegan Chef


By: Paolo Ambrosio

Is a revolution and for the first time a revolution comes from a product:


A chocolate, the lips, a pair of shared lips , a sort of ideal passage of a cultural message from mouth to mouth, from lips to lips.


The historical value of chocolate and its relation to cacao

The first food on personalrelationships.
The first food that makes one think of the others ALWAYS


The first company in the world that, through a product, launches a revolution at the moment when there is a relation with the food, a vital source, and with the other.

The joy of sharing .



  1. violent upheaval of the socio-political establishment

  2. fast and radical transformation of an order, a system

  3. deep scientific, CULTURAL renewal, of BEHAVIOR, and HABITS

  4. confusion, disorder

  5. movement of a body that turns around its own axis


  7. To love the others

  8. To share something very intimate: the LIPS

  9. To share food 



What is closest to the heart than the lips?

Lips speak, eat, kiss, express joy and pain, are thin or full

They communicate, nourish, love, unite, are silent and dumb.

A pair of joined lips to be shared, to approach or approach again; lips melt, as the union of two people’s lips melts their hearts. Every time you join LIPS you also contribute to the revolution, you revolutionise habits, cultural behavior, you overturn the political and social order, you transform a system radically, you cause confusion and disorder, you make a body movement that turns around the other and warms up the movements of your heart.

You share Your food, you approach the other again, you give a part of yourself. A new direction towards which to turn!!!

It’s one single simple word:



That’s all

Each time has had its revolutions. The modern revolution is the revolution of consciousness, of love. 

Today and for tomorrow there is a new way to conceive mankind's creativity, connectivity, and therefore, each of US has to revolution(ise a system).

This task is up to the great companies and their products. Food, and drink, being a source of life, are  the center of this revolution. But only food can be moulded  and become communication.

LIPS© is the principle (or beginning?) of this revolution, as it was Mao-Tse Dong who began the great Pacific March, it is that of the Mountains which starts coming down (to verify);

Lips makes people closer in order to share the Food that gives strength and freedom, it is love for the other, it recalls to sharing intimacy!!! SHARE the food shaped as lips, chocolate food, the magical and mythical, poor and noble, warm and loving food of ancient times. The food of the Gods...

Universal Connector