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1. LIPS© Chocolate 

Revolution,  Miami

Our first LIPS© Exhibition will take place on Valentine's Day, February 14th, 2019 at the Faena Art Center in Miami, Florida. Exhibit will be open from 8am to 10am EST. 

This Exhibition will take place in a currently undisclosed art gallery, and will be the official launch of the LIPS© Chocolate products to the world. 

Combining our chocolate with fine art illustrating Love, Connection, and Romance, this event will bring our sponsors, partners, and supporters together for a meet and greet, presentation, and interactive exhibit on Proxemics and the science human connection. 

For more information, please visit our LIPS© Chocolate Revolution page HERE

2. Miami PRIDE 

LIPS is planning to hold an exhibition in the middle of one of the biggest parties in Miami, PRIDE, April 1st- April 7th.  We will be working with local LGBTQ community and community organizations.  For more information please contact us at hello@lipschocolate.com.

3. New York City

LIPS is coming to the Big Apple this April, 2019! We are working with our local contacts and curators to put together an unforgettable night of connection and community.  For more information please contact us at hello@lipschocolate.com 

4. LIPS© Burning Man Exhibition

LIPS© is setting sail for Burning Man 2019, taking place between August 29th and September 2nd.

LIPS© Burning Man Exhibition balloon will float above the festive desert landscape, promoting love and connection everywhere it goes. LIPS© Chocolates will be included there for the people enjoying and wading along the Playa.    

Past Events 

LIPS© Chocolate Premier Torino, Italy

The first LIPS© Chocolate Exhibition took place at the Food Design Awards in Torino, Italy where LIPS© was the 1st Place winner of the event.  A LIPS© Exhibition was held at the awards and brought the first of our unforgettable interactive experiences to the world.