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LIPS© Manifesto


A universal connector, the first interactive chocolate...

LIPS© Chocolate is the first product prototype designed to catalyze the breaking down of cultural barriers to love and connection, making the motive of a new generation of design products available to all individuals on the planet. We will have a world free of prejudice, where differences will disappear and "sharing" and community will be the essence of our actions.

Our Intention is to propose a new way of thinking about the world we live in, and to make an effective guide.  The re-design of human behavior is the synthesis that LIPS©  brings.  By human behavior I mean a range of configurations, groups and organizations, interacting in an objective way around common concerns and shared objectives.


Redesigning such systems objectives to reduce the causes of problems to begin with, and increase the effectiveness of the system, based on a revaluation of values, and a greater sensitivity to the environment.


A fascinating area in the world of non-verbal behavior is spatial relationships, or proxemics.  As a species, man is highly territorial, but we are rarely aware of it unless our space is violated in some way.


Spatial relationships and territorial borders directly influence our daily encounters. Breaking control over such spaces is a key factor in the future satisfaction of our need for human contact and in the future liberation of our prejudice and through the erroneous cultural system of divisions and selfish nature to which we have been subjected since childhood...


 It is time for a radical change.  A new human approach is needed ... it's time for LIPS© !  We call for the approach that will induce this change "LIPS©", to accentuate that, from now on ... We must break this invisible wall and feel the HUMAN CONNECTION in a society of immersion full of interpersonal relations.











Richard Moreta Castillo

LIPS© Founder & Product Designer

LIPS© Chocolate

Universal Connector